Hyperflite Releases Disc Dog! Training DVD

Hyperflite, Inc., maker of state-of-the-art competition-approved canine
flying discs, announces the release of “Disc Dog Training DVD.” This
masterfully-filmed one-hour DVD features tips and techniques developed by
World Champions Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry. For more than two decades
Bloeme and Perry have taught disc-dog aficionados all over the world how to
get started in the fastest growing and most exciting sport on four paws.

Hyperflite’s “Disc Dog Training DVD,” teaches enthusiasts how to overcome
common training issues that can be an impediment to play sessions,
competitive endeavors and performances. Viewers will learn to throw longer,
straighter and more consistently than previously thought possible. Chapters
covered include: Starting Out, Basic Training, Mouth Takes, Butterflies,
Multiples, Juggling, Backflips, Overs, Vaulting, Throwing, Competition,
Freestyle, Distance/Accuracy and Flying Disc Selection.

In addition, a virtual cornucopia of disc dog tricks are demonstrated. “Disc
Dog Training DVD” features thrilling footage of the Hyperflite Skyhoundz
Canine Disc World Championship. “Disc Dog Training DVD” is available from
Skyhoundz at www.skyhoundz.com.

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