Disc Dog Clubs

Canine disc clubs are organizations that provide information and support to canine disc enthusiasts in designated geographic areas.

Canine disc clubs have been established around the world to help disc dog enthusiasts enjoy their favorite pastime. Many disc dog clubs also sell Hyperflite flying discs and stage Skyhoundz Canine Disc Competitions.

A majority are organized or operated as not-for-profit associations, although a few canine disc clubs are run as for-profit businesses.

Disc Dog Clubs vary in their organizational structures and in the services they offer. Some clubs are run by a small cadre of dedicated volunteer enthusiasts. Others have boards and officers. Canine Disc Clubs usually have free websites or forums. Most clubs require membership fees to join.

Services offered by canine disc clubs can include:

  • A newsletter
  • Events such as Frisbee dog/Disc dog competitions and training clinics
  • A website, member forums, blogs, social media communications
  • Background and historical information
  • Canine disc sales and products

If you would like us to list your disc dog club, please send us an email to info@skyhoundz.com.