Hyperflite Pup Disc Sampler (Small Dog)

Not sure what disc is the right one for your puppy or new dog? Skyhoundz’s introduces new sampler packs! You get an assortment of discs for a special price, to help you decide what will work best with your dog and to get you and your dog started in the sport.

Competition Standard Pup Disc ($4.95)
FrostBite Pup Disc ($5.95)
Jawz Pup Disc ($17.95)
Jawz HyperFlex Pup Disc ($17.95)
Jawz X-Comp Pup Disc ($17.95)
SofFlite Pup Disc ($5.95)

Package Price $41.95 / Normally $70.70 / Save > 40%

*Please note: This package does not offer disc color selection. Disc colors are subject to change upon availability.

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Hyperflite Pup Disc Sampler (Small Dog)

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Black Competition Standard Pup Disc (Top View)

Hyperflite Pup Disc Sampler (Small Dog)

$70.70 $41.95