Skyhoundz Competition Schedule

Skyhoundz Competitions

The last weekend eligible to host an Open Qualifier for the 2024 World Championship is Friday, August 9-Sunday, August 11, 2024. Any Open Qualifier held after those dates will count towards the 2025 World Championship.

Our calendar is fluid, events are added and modified throughout the year, so check back from time to time to see if an event has been added near you. The list below includes all current Skyhoundz competitions including Local Championships, State Championships, DiscDogathon Qualifiers, DiscDogathon World Championship, Skyhoundz Classic Qualifiers, Skyhoundz Classic World Championship, Xtreme Distance Qualifiers, and Xtreme Distance World Championship.

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The time listed for each event is the scheduled start time of the event. Please make arrangements to arrive before that time for any set-up, registration, or warm-up that you may require.