Hyperflite / Skyhoundz Special Awards

Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Awards

The Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals who have worked for a substantial portion of their lives to advance and promote canine disc sports as well as to further a Skyhoundz core value, namely, that mixed-breed canines adopted from shelter and rescue organizations make great disc dogs and wonderful family pets. A Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Award represents the ultimate accomplishment in canine disc sports and is respected even more than a Skyhoundz World Championship title. Competitive success is not required for this award.

  • 9/25/04 — Mike and Kathy Miller
  • 9/28/05 — Chuck Middleton
  • 9/23/06 — Ed Jakubowski
  • 9/22/07 — Ray Lowman
  • 9/26/09 — Jeff Hoot, Bill Watters
  • 9/25/10 — Yukihiro Sekiguchi
  • 9/22/12 — Nyle “Swanee” Swainston
  • 12/22/14 — Melissa Heeter

Hyperflite Hero Awards

The Hyperflite Hero Award is given to individuals who distinguish themselves by performing work that is integral to the promotion of canine disc sports. Often, Hyperflite Hero Awards are given to those who work on important short-term projects and have a history of volunteerism that benefits disc doggers in their region. Competitive success is not required for this award.

  • 9/22/09 — Flydogs Hungary
  • 9/26/09 — Lynn Ouchida & Troy Kerstetter
  • 9/25/10 — Diane Campbell
  • 9/22/12 — Esteban Auzqui, Daniela Barleand, and Carla Zinga (Spanish), Jürgen Bartz (German), Kata Kerényi (Hungarian), Hiromi Orihara (Japanese), Sven Van Driessche (Dutch)
  • 6/15/13 — Alex Lee and JaeHoon Lee (Korean)

Skyhoundz Courage Awards

  • Chief Master Seargeant James Fox, USAF
  • Michael Tankard
  • Stacey Muir