Spot Landing

Spot Landing is one of the events in the DiscDogathon Championships.

Spot Landing challenges competitors to complete as many catches as possible in the designated scoring zones within the time allotted.

Competitors are required to make one attempt in each scoring zone (progressing from lower to higher-value scoring zones) and may then attempt to score in the zones of their choice for the remaining time allotted.

If in the sole determination of the scoring official, a competitor has not made a reasonable attempt at a scoring zone, he/she will instruct the competitor to try again at that scoring zone.

Competitors are rewarded with the published point values for catches in which the canine lands with all paws inside a scoring zone. Catches landing outside scoring zones are worth one point each “canine effort point(s),” however, the thrower must make a reasonable attempt, in the eyes of the judge, to reach the scoring areas to earn the “canine effort point(s).”

Spot Landing teams may use one disc to compete in Spot Landing.

Skyhoundz has selected Hyperflite flying discs as the official flying discs of the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship Series. As such, at all Skyhoundz competitions (including, but not limited to, Local Championships, State Championships, DiscDogathon Qualifiers, Skyhoundz Classic Qualifiers, Xtreme Distance Qualifiers, DiscDogathon World Championship, Skyhoundz Classic World Championship, and Xtreme Distance World Championship), competitors are required to use Hyperflite discs.

MicroDog Division competitors must use Pup Competition Standard discs, Pup FrostBite discs, Pup HyperFlex discs, Pup Jawz discs, Pup SofFlite discs, or Pup X-Comp discs.

Competitors receive one minute to score as many points as they can.

The thrower and canine are required to be in the throwing circle before time starts. The line judge will ask the competitor, “Ready?” When the competitor responds yes, the line judge will raise his/her arm. The announcer will then say, “Go!” and the time will begin. If, in the opinion of the line judge, the dog leaves before time begins, the line judge will signal to the announcer, time will be reset to zero, and a restart will be initiated. Competitors may send their canines downfield, or throw, anytime after the start signal has sounded.

Countdown of time remaining will be uniform for all competitors: “30 seconds, 10 seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, time!”

Click here for a free download of our 60-second countdown timer.

If you would like to hear the countdown timer, click on the play button below.

If there is a tie for first, second, or third place, the tie will be broken by the following criteria, as necessary:

1) The team with the fewest total throws.

2) A Face-off round with each team receiving 30 seconds in which to score as many points as they can. The dog scoring the most points will be declared the victor.

3) If the teams are still tied after the 30 second playoff, the playoff will continue until one team outscores the other. Officials will permit the competitors to rest their dogs as necessary.

An open, flat grassy area that is free of obstacles as depicted in the graphics here. The Spot Landing field was designed so that it is easily reproducible and consistently set up from DiscDogathon to DiscDogathon.

Thanks to Rick Nielson for his thorough video tutorial on how to accurately set up a complete Skyhoundz Court (Bullseye, Distance/Accuracy, and Spot Landing).