9/16/19-9/18/19 | DiscDogathon / Xtreme Distance | Camp Jordan

9/21/19-9/22/19 | Skyhoundz Classic | Coolidge Park


Until the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship!

Gift Card


Have you ever wanted to purchase someone a present, but not know what to buy? You know they are avid disc doggers, so, give them a Skyhoundz Gift Card.

A Skyhoundz Gift Card can be used for anything on the Skyhoundz Store. If a purchase is made for a amount smaller than is available through the card, the balance will roll over to the next purchase. If the purchase is made for more than is available through the gift card, the balance can be paid by credit card.

You can choose one of our set amounts or create one with any amount you choose.

You can change images and text to create the card you prefer and personalize it.

You can suggest a selected product if you like.

Automatically email the card to the person you are giving the card to on a specific date (not just the date you purchase the card on).

You can receive a notification when the card has been used and verify gift card sending status. If the Gift Card has a sending error, you can resend it.

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