2005 Peter Rice Bloeme Rising Star Scholarship Recipients

Hyperflite established, in 2004, the “Peter Rice Bloeme Rising Star
Canine Disc Scholarship Program.”

This Hyperflite-sponsored program was created to recognize and thank
individuals who have gone above and beyond in helping others enjoy
the benefits of canine disc play, as well as to assist individuals
who, despite difficult circumstances, enthusiastically participate in
our sport because their dogs love it so much. Rising Star
Scholarships are also awarded to individuals who have adopted shelter
or rescue canines or endured hardships, financial or otherwise, in
order to save and rehabilitate canines and turn them into disc dogs.

At the 2005 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship Awards Banquet,
held at Flying Dog Farm at Stoney Point Airfield, Peter Bloeme
announced the four 2005 recipients of Rising Star Scholarships:
Corinne Brewer, Carol Herbertz, Ray Lowman and Mark Pastor.

Four Rising Star scholarships were awarded for 2005. Each Scholarship
will include Hyperflite’s newly released “Disc Dog Training DVD,”
along with an assortment of Hyperflite discs, including Jawz puncture
resistant discs, and Hyperflite/Skyhoundz apparel. In addition,
entry fees for all Hyperflite Skyhoundz Regional or Hyperflite
DiscDogathon events will be waived for Rising Star Scholarship
recipients for the competitive season following the award of a Rising
Star Scholarship.

At Hyperflite Headquarters, a plaque is maintained that lists each
Peter Rice Bloeme Rising Star Scholarship recipient. Hyperflite
wishes to thank the disc dog family for submitting their Rising Star
nominations and for recognizing the efforts of the Rising Star
nominees. Congratulations to each of the 2005 Rising Star Award

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