The Hyperflite Story

<p>Hyperflite was established in 2000 by Canine Disc World Champions Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry. Owing to their decades-long experience in canine and flying disc sports, first as World Champion competitors, then as judges and contest organizers, Bloeme and Perry believed that existing flying disc manufacturers had neglected to offer innovations that kept pace with the evolving abilities of the modern canine athlete. The pair set to work to do nothing less than reinvent the canine disc. Through the application of sophisticated aerodynamic design and materials technologies, Bloeme and Perry created the K-10 canine flying disc. The K-10 design incorporated a number of improvements over existing canine competition discs including reinforced high-stress areas, aerodynamic improvements for ultra-long flights, and low-profile opposed grip surfaces that don’t retain grit and dirt, which can damage canine teeth.</p>

<p>In recognition of Hyperflite’s quantum leap in canine disc technology, U.S. Patent No. 6,887,119 was issued, representing the first patent ever issued for a flying disc designed specifically for use in canine competition. But Bloeme and Perry were far from finished. Next they tackled a problem that has plagued canine owners for more than 30 years &ndash; disc longevity. Owners of bull dog breeds and other tough biting canines could easily go through hundreds of discs each year just to participate in canine disc sports. Perry was intimately aware of this problem because his world champion canine, Gilbert, would destroy as many as 500 discs each year. Based on their research, Bloeme and Perry felt certain that a polymer formulation could be developed that would be resistant to tough-biting canines but not so hard as to pose a risk of injury to canine teeth. The project took more than a year of hard work. Countless material formulations were sampled with results that failed to meet the high standards that were set for the project. Still they pressed on. Finally, Bloeme and Perry narrowed in on a polymer formulation that appeared promising. The material held up well to testing on a mechanical testing device developed by Hyperflite and affectionately nicknamed Hal K-9,000 for its propensity to kill discs without remorse.</p>

<p>With the preliminary tests accomplished satisfactorily, Bloeme and Perry subjected prototypes to real world testing in the mouths of some of the most destructive canines on planet earth. The canine tests confirmed that this new material was, in fact, unbelievably puncture-resistant. Thus, the Jawz disc was born. The Jawz disc represents the most significant technical development in the history of canine disc sports. Hyperflite’s introduction of its Jawz model means that a new generation of competitors will be able to participate in canine disc sports more affordably. The days of gnash it and trash it are finally over.</p>

<p>The K-10 design team then set about developing polymer formulations that would meet the needs of canine disc aficionados everywhere. In rapid succession, the team developed the Frostbite (remains flexible in cold weather and will not become brittle and shatter), the Midnight Sun (glows in the dark for night canine play), the SofFlite (soft and flexible for canines with sensitive mouths), and the UV (changes colors when exposed to sunlight).</p>

<p>Next, Hyperflite looked to remedy an inequity that had always existed in canine disc sports. For decades, at every level of the sport, small dogs were forced to compete against larger canines using large discs that put them at a competitive disadvantage. To level the playing field Hyperflite created a smaller version of the K-10 disc named the Pup disc. Pup discs are one-third smaller than the legendary K-10 and much easier for smaller dogs to catch and carry. In addition, Hyperfite added a MicroDog Division at its World Championship to allow smaller dogs to compete with their peers for their own World title.</p>

<p>Hyperflite’s canine disc training offerings &mdash; which include Disc Dog Training DVD, the most informative and action-packed canine training video ever created, and Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide, a 358 page training treatise &mdash; were designed to introduce new enthusiasts to the joys of canine disc play and competition.</p>

<p>Hyperflite is the only pet products company that supports its products with a national canine competition series that actually provides venues and opportunities for purchasers of Hyperflite products to participate in the fastest growing sport on four paws. Hyperflite’s Skyhoundz Canine disc Championship series features more than 100 competitions throughout the United States, Canada, Asia and Europe and a World Championship held each year in the United States.</p>

<p>For more information about Hyperflite products or to find out about the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship Series, please visit the Hyperflite website at or telephone Hyperflite at 770-751-3882 or via email at</p>


<p>NOTE: Hyperflite, the Hyperflite logo, K-10, Competition Standard, and Jawz are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hyperflite, Inc. Skyhoundz is a registered trademark of PRB &amp; Associates.</p>

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