Disc Dogging! America’s New National Pastime

A national pastime is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation — so says that vast storehouse of collective knowledge called Wikipedia. Almost every country has a national pastime even if they don’t always officially declare one.

Not surprisingly, in Norway, where there’s snow aplenty, the national sport is cross-country skiing. In the Bahamas, where there’s water around every corner, sailing is the official sport of the masses. In China, the sport of billions is table tennis. Canada has two sports. It’s hockey in the winter, and lacrosse in the summer.

In the U.S. baseball is the sport du jour. But everyone knows that we stole baseball from the Romanians who have been playing a version of the game, called Oina, for nearly 700 years. Americans, if nothing else, are individualists and it simply won’t do for us to borrow another country’s national sport when we could easily come up with one of our own.

Sadly most of the good sports are already taken. For example, the Argentine’s snagged the sport of Pato which is a lot like basketball, on horseback, with a butterfly net. The Columbians took Tejo off the market before it could explode onto the American sports scene. And those darn Afghans grabbed Buzkashi before we could ruin it with corporate sponsors and overpaid athletes.

It has been suggested by some that germ washing is the new national pastime for America. But Skyhoundz has a better idea for a new national sport. And all we have to do is make it official before Discatchistan or some other country does it first. It started here, in the U.S., 35 years ago (oddly enough at a baseball game), and it has established its bone-a-fidesthroughout the world. Nearly everyone loves to watch or participate in this sport. So, move over baseball, here comes disc dogging!

And you can help in this nascent movement. Email your elected representative and help ensure that America’s new national pastime goes to the dogs.

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