2011 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship

When you stage an event as large and complex as the 2011 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship, then you darn sure better have a capable staff.

Fortunately, we had Mike Miller and Ray Lowman to crack the whip and help keep things running smoothly during our week-long disc-dog extravaganza. Also lending a hand were countless others including, but not limited to, Judges — Mark Jennings, Ray Lowman, Ron Ellis, Hiro Sekiguchi, and Greg Perry, and our Support Staff — Ryan Allen, Corrine Brewer, Frank Buckland, Val Buckland, Brittany Bundren, Diane Campbell, Gavin Cox, George Freeman, David Gosch, Bob Griggs, Mel Griggs, Dan Hubner, Candie Killbourne, Mike Miller, Frank Montgomery, Nancy Noel, Larry Peas, Wayne Ramsey, Matt Repko, Randy Scoggins, Jeff Stanaway, Angie Stanaway, Kara Steffenson, Swannee Swainston, David Turrentine, Carolyn Williams, Courtney Williams, Peter Williams, and Sally Zinkhan.

With our new week-long format, the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship week got underway much earlier this year with Xtreme Distance and DiscDogathon World Championships and associated Last Chance Qualifiers. Both events were held on Tuesday and Wednesday at the expansive Camp Jordan Park Ultimate Fields. We had an excellent turnout of big throwers and skilled DiscDogathon competitors.

When the dust settled, we crowned our first-ever Xtreme Distance and DiscDogathon World Champions. Here’s the run down –


Classic Plastic (M) – Robert McLeod & Davy
Classic Plastic (W) – Jackie Rodeffer-Scheetz & Towser
Light Plastic (M) – Adrian Custer & Magnet
Light Plastic (W) – Susan Markham & Ripper
MicroDog (M) – Frank Montgomery & Chicklet
MicroDog (W) – Erika Flores & Dallas
Unlimited Plastic (M) – Darron Barrus & Zen
Unlimited Plastic (W) – Jackie Rodeffer-Scheetz & Towser


Bullseye – Blake Kilbourne & Rain
Freestyle – Tracy Custer & Chill
Pairs Distance/Accuracy – Theresa Brantly / Kevin Eroskey & The Zen Master
Spot Landing – David Gosch & Hippie Chick
TimeTrial – Erich Steffensen & Java

Next, on our Thursday rest day, Skyhoundz World Finalists were treated to a competitor’s “Meet and Greet” at the McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center where 80 competitors, family, and friends enjoyed fine food and drinks and tours of this absolutely amazing canine adoption facility. Skyhoundz volunteer, Brittany Bundren, adopted a cute little mix named “Freckles” ensuring that the Skyhoundz streak of adoptions at the event remains intact. Congratulations Brittany! The McKamey Shelter does amazing work but struggles nevertheless to make ends meet, so, if you are looking for a worthy cause, we hope you’ll think of them. By the way, we’re pleased to report that McKamey raised $1,000 in donations at the Worlds!

On Friday, the Skyhoundz Classic Last Chance Qualifier, or, as some call it, the “Little World Championship,” was staged. The SLCQ is, as the name suggests, the final opportunity for teams to earn invitations to the Skyhoundz Worlds and it was jam packed with talent. Running two fields simultaneously, more than 230 unique teams competed in approximately 350 competitive rounds. The final invitations to the Skyhoundz Classic World Championship were extended as follows:

Open – Lawrence Frederick & Flash
Open – Mark Muir & Irish
Open – Preston Dean & Sienna
Open – Tracy Custer & Chill
Open – Jack Fahle & Tali
Open – Kirby McIlveen & Torch

MicroDog – Jack Fahle & Spice
MicroDog – Scot Koster & Indigo
MicroDog – Michelle Thomas & Spencer
MicroDog – Peter Williams & Ziva
MicroDog – Christina Curtis & Fury

Youth – Brittany Hensley & Sonic
Youth – Coral Wagner & Saphire
Youth – Brittany Hensley & Wendy

Pairs – Mark Muir / Preston Dean & Gipper
Pairs – Takuma Tsunoda / Rieko Arai & Eire
Pairs – Jack Fahle / Jason Rigler & The Kai Bear

Sport – Troy McConaughey & Einstein
Sport – Darron Barrus & Hydro
Sport – Paul West & Radar
Sport – Rick Rauwerda & Brew
Sport – Jonathan Offi & Brooklyn
Sport – Chuck Middleton & BamBam

On Saturday, the weather was ideal as the veterans in the Open Division, and the wonder kids of the Youth Division, amazed and delighted the crowd of spectators. California girls Kirby McIlveen (with Torch) and LylaClare Kosobucki (with Elsee), respectively, became the first female Open Division and Youth Division World Champions in Skyhoundz history. Here’s how the podium looked at the end of the day.

1 – Kirby McIlveen & Torch
2 – Mark Muir & Gipper
3 – Lawrence Frederick & Flash

1 – LylaClare Kosobucki & Elsee
2 – Courtney Williams & Cir-El
3 – Burton Tienken III & Belle

The Gathering of Champions Awards Banquet was huge as usual with about 250 disc doggers, family, and friends in attendance. The world’s largest disc dog sheet cake was no match for our hungry banquet attendees! The usual goodies, including award plaques, Disc Dogs! the Complete Guide, The Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health, and Skyhoundz World Championship posters were handed out to competitors and other banquet attendees.

On Sunday, competitors were treated to the sublime pleasure of an on-time start! Running two fields simultaneously gave us a relatively easy and relaxed day. Nineteen Pairs Freestyle teams rocked the house with incredible displays of showmanship and disc handling skills. The 25 MicroDog teams didn’t disappoint either and the top three teams were separated by only 2.5 points! Even the Sport Division action was more competitive than normal and three different competitors had a single round score of 25.5! The captivated crowd stuck around until the very last disc found its way into the eager jaws of a waiting canine.

Below are the results from the Sport, MicroDog and Pairs Freestyle Divisions –

1 – Al Erikson & George
2 – Timothy Geib & Auggie
3 – Christina Curtis & Fury

1 – David Gosch & Hippie Chick
2 – Tracy Custer & Chill
3 – Istvan Fodor & Fanni

1 – Frank Buckland / Sally Zinkhan & Shiloh
2 – Mark Muir / Preston Dean & Gipper
3 – Lawrence Frederick / Jodi Frederick & Jaxson

The after-competition party at River Street Deli gave us a chance to savor the great routines and personal victories of our fellow disc doggers — when we weren’t stuffing our faces with some of Bruce’s delicious sandwiches.

As the crowd dwindled down to a few dozen folks, none of whom wanted it to end, I think the feeling was unanimous that the 2011 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Championship was the best we’ve ever staged. But, have no fear, we’ll try and do even better next year!

A special thanks to all those who took their valuable time to attend Skyhoundz World’s Week, and support our efforts. Were it not for you, the Hyperflite and Skyhoundz organizations wouldn’t exist. Here’s a link to our World Championship Results page http://www.skyhoundz.com/2011_results.html

NEWS FLASH! The Skyhoundz Record Book has quite a few new entries…

Fly High, Bite Hard!

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