Midnight Sun Disc

made_in_usaThe Midnight Sun disc™ is the brightest and longest-lasting glow-in-the-dark disc ever made. A side-by-side comparison with any other disc will convince you.

Midnight Sun discs feature Hyperflite’s patented low-profile grip surface on the top surface and underside of each disc allowing for secure gripping in all conditions. Even better, all Midnight Sun discs feature Hyperflite’s X-Flash™ Anti-Glare Technology.

Midnight Sun discs are not puncture-resistant. If your toothy canine quickly renders your Midnight Sun disc unfit for flight, then you are a prime candidate for the revolutionary Hyperflite Jawz disc. Inspect discs regularly — discard if damaged.

Weight: 105 grams / Size: 8.75″ diameter / Price: $7.95

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Midnight Sun Disc

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Color Base Glow
Size 8.75″
Weight 105 grams


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Midnight Sun Disc (Top View)

Midnight Sun Disc