Is there a MicroDog Division?

No. When we first contemplated a Virtual event, we attempted to transfer our tried and true real life events to the virtual format. The overwhelming reaction was that it was too ambitious, too much work for the competitors, too difficult to set up, too expensive, impossible to prevent people from cheating, etc.

So, we took all of that to heart and distilled the Virtual concept down to the one event where all competitors can compete in on an equal footing. Freestyle is the only disc dog event where standard-size dogs have no inherent advantage over small dogs. In fact, small dogs are quicker, more agile, and obviously weigh less, so there is potentially much more you can accomplish with them than with big dogs. We fondly remember Bill Watters and Air Major (a terrier mix) who nearly won the (Open Division) World Championship and that was Freestyle and Mini-Distance combined. And, as a more recent example, if you look at last year’s World Championship, Key and Spice (MicroDogs) had some of the top scores in the Freestyle portion of the Open Division. In Freestyle, it’s not the size that matters, but the combined skill level of the team and their performance on the field that day.

That said, obviously, since we created them, when time and resources allow, we love to offer competitors MicroDog, Youth, and Pairs options.

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