How will the event be judged?

Your video will first be judged by Skyhoundz judges based on the Skyhoundz PAWS scoring system to narrow the field down to the top five teams from each country [or US Territory] (though scores will not be posted until the competition is completed in order to not sway the People’s Choice vote tally). If you make it to the top five teams, your National finish will be entirely up to you, your friends, and most importantly, the public through People’s Choice voting! Then, the top five National teams (based on the Skyhoundz judges’ scores) move on to the International People’s Choice vote to determine the overall winner. If necessary, all ties will be broken by Skyhoundz judges.

Stage 1-Skyhoundz judges will score all the teams and narrow the field down to five teams per country.

Stage 2-A National People’s Choice Vote will determine the National winners

Stage 3-The top five teams from all the National winners (based on their Skyhoundz scores) move on to Stage 4.

Stage 4-International winner will be determined by a People’s Choice Vote.

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