Los Perros Voladores Demo Team

Los Perros Voladores Demo Team consists of more than 10 professional dog-trainers and their canine friends, spread all over the Dominican Republic. Our world-class teams have performed demo’s for major universities, high schools, sporting teams, private parties, etc., in several canine disciplines, ranging from canine flying disc sports to obedience, search and rescue, schutzhund, and police work. A focal points of our performances is the education of Dominican youth regarding their attitude towards dogs. As they are the future, we make it a point to actively involve them in some of our demo’s. Our international handlers, originating from 3 continents, are able to provide an awesome display which will leave spectators wondering why they and their canine friends do not have that much fun. Los Perros Voladores is available for demonstrations all over the Dominican Republic, The Caribbean, South America, and the US.

Contact Info: info@blazingfuries.com

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