Jawz Discs…What the Pro’s Are Saying

What the Pro’s are Saying…

Hello, I purchased your Jawz disc several months ago. I am impressed to say the very least. I own and train American Pit Bull Terriers. Their athletic ability and drive makes them excellent disc dogs. The only problem is finding a disc that can withstand their bite force. Most flying discs only last around 10 throws or so until they have puncture holes and are lopsided from bites. I purchased one Jawz disc a few months ago and have used it almost daily with my dog Mako. He has caught well over 2,000 throws with the Jawz disc and it still has no bite marks, no punctures, and is the exact shape from the day I received it. I don’t know how you guys did it but your product is excellent. My next purchase will be the glow in the dark Jawz disc. They love playing at night as well.
Chris Blackstone, President
United Bully Breed Association

The discs you sent came in this morning. As soon as I got home, I took the dog and the Jawz out to the backyard for a try. I have to say I’m impressed. It’s a rainy miserable day out here. Perfect for really giving a flying disc a test. The Jawz flies like I would expect from a Hyperflite disc, long, slow and stable. I was shocked at just how durable it is. Whenever my dog dropped the disc, she scratched at it to try and flip it over. By the time we were finished, it was completely covered in mud. When we got it back indoors, I washed it off and to my surprise the only damage inflicted on the disc was on the printing. Had this been a normal disc, the scratching would have cut gouges right through it. The only damage to the Jawz was some lost printing. You have a real winner here!
I’m going to do an article on the entire stable of K-10’s for RetrieverFun.
I’ll drop you an email when it goes up.
James Stevens, Editor

I’d like to thank you again for creating the Jawz disc. As you probably remember, Wallace is an American Pit Bull Terrier that is rock solid and has one speed — All Out. When we first started in the sport, I was having tons of fun with him, but was going through 3-5 discs in a 15-minute session. I would have gone through more but I continued to somehow throw the ones that were completely demolished to try and avoid buying dozens more. His famous move is that if the disc falls to the ground, instead of picking it up by the rim, he would just bite right through the center of the disc, taco it and bring it back in a condition that was only maybe suited for rollers. Because of this, I tried the Jawz disc and have never looked back since. I still have the first Jawz disc that I started using and it is still in playable condition with minimal wear 5-months later. Feel free to let people know about the disc doggin’ pit bull in Minnesota that uses the Jawz discs, and that even though he’s a pit bull, the Jawz discs are still holding strong. Sincerely,
— Andrew (Roo) Yori and Wallace
Runner-Up/Pairs Freestyle 2006 World Championship

How good is the Hyperflite Jawz disc?

It’s like a tire company inventing a 200,000 mile tire!

Jeff Stanaway, ’03 Skyhoundz World Champion, Jamaica, VA

Jawz Discs…What Normal Folks Are Saying 

I just had to let you know! One of my Jawz discs has survived being hit by my husband’s riding lawnmower – TWICE. I’ve used them all summer and they don’t even have a tooth mark. We tested out some other discs and they only lasted 3 throws! Thank you for such an awesome product!
Anne (by email)

I love the Jawz disc, it seems to be truly indestructible. Every other disc I’ve used with Spam, she’s punctured within a few catches. So far, the Jawz discs have held up perfectly.
Carol (by email)

Hi — I just wanted to send you a thank you for making the best disc ever. I have a 2-year old border collie who is obsessed with her Jawz disc. I purchased this disc about a year and a half ago and she has played with it every single day. I am truly amazed at how well it has held up. Not a puncture mark at all!! I purchased two other Jawz discs as “back-ups” and to this day they have not been used. I wish every product I purchased was as durable as yours. Thanks again for making Kaylie the happiest Border Collie in the world.
Jim (by email)

You guys make a great product. The Blue Jawz disc is my Pit, Gino’s, favorite toy. He loves it when I toss it, but he likes spending time bending it between his paws and trying to flip it up with his nose and catch it. His disc has lasted almost 2 years of daily use with a Pit. Your product is awesome. It is the only toy that has not been destroyed within hours of usage.
Chris (by email)

Just wanted to say that I love your Jawz Frizbees. I have a 120 lb German Shepherd “puppy” and he has absolutely destroyed every other Frizbee that I have tried. I bought one of the Jawz discs and it has lasted through the entire Michigan winter and still looks and works as good as new. It’s really refreshing to buy a product that lives up to the advertising. Thanks.
Rich (by email)

My Poodle, Ares, LOVES the Jawz Pup discs. Thanks for the great product!
Deneane (by email)

Your Jawz disc has survived the ultimate test. My two German Wired Hair Pointers both enjoy fetching the Frisbee and your Jawz has held up to the test. They both like to bring it back and tug on it as well. It is still in one piece and has no puncture holes in it.
Patty and Mike (by email)

Great job on the Hyperflite Jawz disc. This disc is nearly indestructible and it flies better than the other dog resistant discs I’ve used. Keep up the good work!
Tim (by email)

Love the Jawz disc. My dog hasn’t put a mark on it yet!
Bill (by email)

I have to tell you the Jawz Disc is absolutely the best! I have a Border Collie who can destroy a Fastback Frisbee on his first retrieve. A friend gave me a Jawz disc as a Christmas present. I was amazed when Jett brought it back to me…no puncture marks, no tears, no scratches! and he can ‘taco’ the disc all he wants without damage to the disc. I am also able to throw this disc with more accuracy and achieve longer flights.
D (by email)

I’ve been using the Jawz disc I got from you for a while now, and STILL not one mark on it! Zipp’s “bring back” has improved to 100% too because she can’t kill and destroy this one! Frisbee is fun now instead of frustrating! Thanks for a product that lives up to its description.
Jill (by email)

Hello — my husband and I are opening a pet supply store in Portland specializing in environmentally friendly products. One of our definitions of green is a product that’s ultra durable, to avoid creating unnecessary landfill. I was playing with my best friend’s American Bulldog/Pit mix dogs, and couldn’t believe the amazing quality of your puncture proof Frisbees. Their house is littered with other Frisbees that were demolished in minutes by these dogs. Your Frisbee was three months old and still wasn’t punctured. We’d love to carry this Frisbee in our store when we open. Can you send us a wholesale price list?
Christine (by email)

The Jawz. Love it…seems to be truly indestructible. Every other disc I’ve used with Spam she’s punctured within a few catches. So far, the Jawz discs have held up perfectly. I was visiting a friend last weekend who has 3 Staffies. Two of them got into a tugging contest with the disc and it acquired a dent or two, but no punctures.
I like the way it throws, as well. A great product. Thanks,
Carol (by email)

The Hyperflite Jawz scored big points with my Border Collie, Allie! Could you please send a high-res image of it as I’ll definitely be including it in our Doggie Gift Guide. Thanks!
Rebecca (by email)

OK, I’m convinced. I picked a Jawz disc at a trade show. After two weeks, my Doberman and German shepherd have not been able to put a scratch in it. We will be selling them on our web site.
Marc (by email)

We love the K-10 Jawz. The flight characteristics are far superior to the excellent Gumabone dog resistant flying disc that we had been using. Our Malinois are power chewers who can’t resist biting holes in their standard Frisbees. My 65 lb male has bitten two large black “power chewer” Kongs in two. He hasn’t put a mark on his Jawz. Here is a picture of my two German Shepherds with a small part of their destroyed Frisbee collection.

I am totally impressed with your product. No Frisbee has ever lasted longer than one day without damage in my house. I have Border Collies, and Frisbee is a full contact sport!!
Simpson (by email)

I must say the Jawz is pretty fine. It has been several months now and my Australian Cattle Dog (he who must fold all Frisbees and who takes great pleasure in gnashing rims) and my Beauceron (she with the staccato bite of an old fashioned typewriter in full clacking song) have done NO DAMAGE.
We Frisbee every other day for 10-20 minutes.
These two dogs have been known to rip apart a large sized Kong playing tug. Not the rope, but the rubber. My cattle dog can tear the rope out of a Kong within 30 minutes of play.
Not only that but the disc flies exceptionally well. I am able to get it out ahead of the cattle dog allowing for a greater variety of catchable throws.
I bought six of them, not believing that they would last. I have four brand new ones that I will give out as Christmas presents.
Andrew (by email)

I wanted to take a second and let you know what a wonderful product you have, and how much my Blue Healer enjoys it. His name is Buster, and his motto is “have Jawz will travel.” The problem is we live in the country and sometimes he likes to run off. Of course his Jawz goes with him and somewhere in the wild he has given the coyotes & other animals five Jawz!
Carol (by email)

Hello. My dog is one of the most intense Pit Bull chewers around and she has not managed to puncture your product. I’m amazed! Thank you.
Joan (by email)

Last week a friend showed me the Jawz disc and I was impressed with the way it stood up to my Malinois. I am interested in carrying this product. Please send me info about it. Thanks,
Siobhan (by email)

I absolutely, bar-none, believe that Hyperflite Jawz Discs are the best product that I’ve come across. I have 2 beautiful American Pitbull Terriers, that LOVE the sport (although for recreation). It is because of their powerful jaws that I found your product!
I’ve also included a photograph of one of the reasons why I believe in the durability of you product.
David (by email)

Dear Kind Folks at Skyhoundz,
I got a Hyperflite Jawz for my Lab Emma this past summer, on the recommendation of one of the disc dog guys at the Wags for Wishes event in Del Mar, and I LOVE it!! Emma and I have played fetch with it each and every day since I got it, and lesser discs would have been chewed through in much less time. Really just one good session with a regular disc and it is pocked by chew marks and begins to fly weird.
But my Jawz is almost completely unblemished…it’s pretty amazing to me! And Emma has been known to chew on it on her way back to me! I would recommend them to anyone and have even given one as a hostess gift to a friend with another disc-crazy dog.
I don’t generally write to gush about products, but this one is so great that I just had to tell you about it! Thanks!!
Shari (by email)

I really love your Jawz discs. I have ordered several from Skyhoundz already. I have a 1 1/2 year Border Collie and she is very hard on discs and the Jawz are the only ones that hold up to her. Thanks.
Dustin (by email)

My dog loves your disc! As a vet I can really recommend your products and would like to retail them in my practice and pet shop. Could you please give me some details about becoming a retailer? Thank you!
Anja (by email)

Your Jawz product is stronger than my destructive Boston Terrier. I wish you had other products made out of the Jawz plastic for her, ie products shaped like chickens, balls, and sticks for indoor play! Thanks.
Jack (by email)

Last night while I mowed my lawn in the near darkness of the night, I ran over one of my blue JAWZ discs. Much to my surprise it took the “challenge” and came out fully intact! Thought you might want to know.
Mike (by email)

I recently purchased a Hyperflite Jawz Glow disc after searching for the perfect catch disc. After using ultimate Frisbees that were large, heavy, and easily scratched and dented, and attempting to use golf discs (which hurt) I found this disc. I must say, this was probably the best purchase of a disc I have made. Thank you so much for making such a comfortable, good, durable, and most importantly good flying product.
Seth (by email)

I bought two of your Jawz discs at the CANGC/Pet supply show this past fall and I am happy to say that they are THE BEST!!
Michael (by email)

My dog absolutely loves playing with the flying disc and until we found the Hyperflite Jawz last year she would go through a disc a day. The Jawz lasted a year. What a great product!
Debbie (by email)

We love your Jawz discs! There is no better disc on the market!
My 9-year-old Blue Heeler, Little Bear is blind from degenerative retina disorder and never leaves home without his Jawz disc! His Jawz is like an enabler for his herding instinct and he controls whatever situation he is in with his Jawz clenched firmly between his teeth! Even when I am backcountry snowboarding in Valdez, Alaska, Little Bear always brings his Jawz along for the ride!
Little Bear’s hearing is extremely sharp and it is hard to tell that he cannot see, so he is very persistent in finding the back of your leg with his Jawz. As soon as he bumps it up against you, that means it’s time for another throw! He also loves to drag his Jawz all around the snow, sand, or anything soft he can scoot it across! He often creates interesting designs and circles in the snow! Sometimes, when I throw his Jawz into the wind, it hovers just right, and Little Bear, blind and all, still manages to snatch his Jawz out of the air! When that happens, you can tell it makes him proud even though I know he probably longs for days long gone when he could still see.
Since we discovered your Jawz discs a number of years ago, it has remained his very favorite disc ever!
We are down to one new, one pretty good, and one very-worn Jawz disc, but, after several years, he has yet to shred a single one. Well, its finally time to restock because a thief dog recently stole one of his favorites.
Dan (by email)

Jawz Discs…Complaint Department

I am writing to express my displeasure with your Jawz discs. I have owned two discs for over a year now, and I very much want to replace them with your new purple HyperFlex discs. My wife won’t let me, however, because she says our discs are just fine and don’t need to be replaced! I argued that the silk-screening has rubbed off and the color is starting to fade, but she points out that the discs are in perfect shape without even a scratch and I can replace them when they get punctured. Not very likely! Why did you make a disc that lasts so x@#$! long? LOL! You guys have the best dog discs ever. Thanks for a great product! Maybe someday I’ll “accidentally” lose them so I can try the HyperFlex!
Barry (by email)

We had the Jawz Disc up until a few weeks ago when it landed in a pond and sunk….they don’t float! Darn you!
Oh well…I’m ordering two more discs and in the future will avoid bodies of water. Thanks!
Robert (by email)

I’m so mad! I was practicing just before dark with my new Jawz discs. They were flying really far and I got so excited that I winged my new Jawz Pup into a great big briar patch. I’m all scratched up from trying to find it in the dark. Now I’m gonna have to look for it tomorrow. My dog would have gone in for it but I was afraid he would get bit by a snake. Guess I will have to take one for the team.:-) Keep up the good work!
Susan (by email)

The only complaint I would have is the marketing/advertising of the Jawz disc. I would use a real American Pit Bull Terrier to demonstrate the durability of the product. I just want to show my thanks and appreciation for such a fine product. Thanks again!
Chris (by email)

We have been testing the Jawz disc. We have given it to notorious disc destroyers. In particular we employed an old fat Labrador with an ever-shrinking head called Tina. She is known for cutting tennis balls in half in less than a minute. Regular discs are toast in seconds.
The Jawz disc prevailed and Tina was very disgusted.
Jose (by email)

Recently I attended the 2003 SkyHoundz World Championships and purchased my first Hyperflite disc, an orange Jawz disc. Frankly, I have a serious problem with this disc. I took Shanti out, tossed the Jawz and she flew after it! I threw the Fastback and she stopped dead, holding onto her Jawz disc and staring at the Fastback with disdain. The next day her Jawz was nowhere to be found. I raced out and grabbed a new Fastback, air bouncing it just the way she likes. She raced to it, grabbed for it, and spit it out on the ground. She circled the yard seeking…yeah, the Jawz disc.
Furthermore as an American I expect to spend, spend, spend! It’s good for the economy, you know? How can I spend when that Jawz disc doesn’t have a scratch on it? The logo wore off after the first month, but that hardly justifies replacement. I did purchase 4 more Jawz discs, but I suspect that was a lifetime purchase. Of course within a few years, we might lose them I suppose.
If we run out of Jawz discs, it will mean the end of her involvement in the greatest dog sport ever. So if you ever consider not manufacturing the Jawz disc, consider this first…they say an Aussie likes to run about 35 miles a day. At that rate she should be able to catch you within a couple of months…and she will NOT be pleased!!! Sincerely,
Nathan (by email)

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