Hyperflite Receives Patent on Improved Flying Disc Design

Revolutionary Competition-Approved Flying Discs for Canines to be Awarded Patent Protection

(Atlanta, Georgia, October 12, 2005) Hyperflite, Inc., maker of state-of-the-art competition-approved canine flying discs, has received notification of the issuance of a U.S. Patent (Patent No. 6,887,119) for its improved canine flying disc design. Disc designers Jeff Perry and Peter Bloeme, both former World Canine Disc Champions, were delighted to receive the news. “We are very gratified that our hard work and persistence has been rewarded with patent protection,” said Perry. “The issuance of the patent means that we can now focus on incorporating these patented innovations in other flying disc designs, added Bloeme. Hyperflite was the first company to offer a complete line of competition- approved canine flying discs to meet the needs of every canine-disc enthusiast.

Hyperflite sparked a canine disc revolution at the dawn of the new millennium with the release of its K-10 Competition Standard flying disc designed exclusively for canines. More recently, Hyperflite released the Jawz disc, a puncture-resistant canine disc created especially for “dentally-obsessive” canines and the “Pup” series of flying discs for small dogs. Hyperflite’s introduction of its Jawz model means that a new generation of competitors will be able to participate in canine disc sports more affordably. “With the Jawz disc, the days of ‘gnash it and trash it’ are over,” reports Perry.

Hyperflite is committed to developing the safest, best-flying, and most durable canine discs in the world. Its support of the Skyhoundz Canine Disc World Championship series, the largest disc-dog series in the world, as well as the Hyperflite DiscDogathon Competition Series and other canine disc events in the U.S. and other countries ensures that disc dog competitors world-wide will have exciting venues in which to compete. For more information about Hyperflite products or to find out about the Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship Series, please visit the Hyperflite website at www.hyperflite.com.

NOTE: Hyperflite, the Hyperflite logo, K-10, Competition Standard, Jawz, and K-10 Pup, are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hyperflite, Inc. Skyhoundz is a registered trademark of PRB & Associates.

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