(ATLANTA, August 1, 2008) Hyperflite, Inc., maker of state-of-the-art competition-approved canine ying discs, announces the release of Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide, the most informative canine disc training treatise ever published. is entertaining and masterfully-written 358-page paperback book comes alive with more than 500 color photos and illustrations.

For more than two decades, authors Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, the world’s foremost authorities on canine disc sports, have taught disc-dog a cionados all over the world how to get started in the fastest growing and most exciting sport on four paws. Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide gives disc dog enthusiasts a proper foundation in the fundamentals and then shows them how to excel in competition or at the local park.

Readers will learn to throw longer, straighter and more consistently than previously thought possible. In addition, with a style that is entertaining and informative, Bloeme and Perry trace the history and development of the sport and highlight the many competitive opportunities available to budding canine athletes.

Dog World Magazine reviewed Disc Dogs! in the February 2009 issue and gave the book their top rating — four-out-of-four paws. Disc Dogs! retails for $29.95 ($34.95 if packaged with a Hyperflite disc in a hanging box).

Bloeme and Perry, both former world canine disc champions, co-founded Hyperflite, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance flying discs for canine competition and recreational play. Hyperflite’s culture of innovation has resulted in a long line of industry firsts including the ultra-tough Jawz canine disc, the world’s toughest canine competition disc.

Hyperflite is committed to developing the safest, best-flying, and most durable canine discs in the world. Its support of the Skyhoundz Canine Disc World Championship series, the largest disc-dog series in the world, as well as the Hyperflite DiscDogathon Competition Series and other canine disc events in the U.S. and other countries ensures that disc dog competitors world-wide will have exciting venues in which to compete. For more information about Hyperflite products or to find out about the Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship Series, please visit the Hyperflite website at www.Hyperflite.com.

NOTE: Hyperflite, the Hyperflite logo, Jawz disc, Pup, and Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide are trademarks or registered trademarks of Hyperflite, Inc. Skyhoundz is a registered trademark of PRB & Associates.


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