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My name is Kata Kerényi, I live in Hungary, near Budapest with my dogs, cats, turtles and other creatures. The numbers of my animals can change but there is something that will always be the same: my endless love for every living thing and my passion to know them better. That’s why I’m a huge fan of dog sports. During the years I’ve tried a lot of things from herding to obedience, but my favorites are dog-dancing and disc dogging. Thanks to these activities I could travel a lot, found a lot of friends – and well, started a blog in 2008, this one, which is still very important for me. You can read here about competitions and clinics that I participate, ideas and dilemmas of dog training, my ‘real’ job with children (dogs are involved of course), things about Hungary and some personal stuffs. Be aware, this blog is a bit like The never-ending story: if you start to read it, you’ll be involved to my life somehow 🙂 So welcome to my world!

Kata Kerényi’s blog here.

I write about many different topics but most of the time the topics will be focused around the sport of disc dogging but not always. Also I have never claimed to be a expert writer so many times please accept my apologies for my grammatical errors as I know they will be there. Also, remember some of these topics are posts sent to me by others who want to share them publicly, but are nervous about repercussions and others being mean to them so they ask me to post the topics. Funny how many people actually read this and the people who have read these and went running to other people trying to tell on me or complain about what I am writing. Seriously People? Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

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