D2ISC Demo Team

The D2ISC Demo Team is an all-volunteer team who love the disc dog sport and love playing with their high energy, Frisbee® crazed dogs. All entertainment fees generated through our performances go right back into running the Disc Dogs in Southern California organization. As a result, we provide hundreds of Southern California residents with the opportunity to come out and enjoy playing with their dogs by participating in our clinics and competitions.

We are proud to say that many of our demo team members are State, Regional, and World Champions and have appeared on TV, in commercials, in movies, and at major sporting events!

The Demonstration Team performs throughout the year for all types of events including private parties, corporate and city functions, professional and collegiate sporting events, and many pet-related charitable events. Please send us an email if you are interested in having Southern California’s premier disc dog demo team do a show for you that is both educational and fun!

Contact Info: demoteam@d2isc.com

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