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Hyperflite Online Wholesale Order Form

Welcome to the new Hyperflite Wholesale Online Store!

We hope this site will be easier for you to place and manage your orders with us. We have combined the Skyhoundz and Hyperflite stores into one in order to simplify keeping the information on the stores up-to-date.

Please let us know about any difficulities, suggestions, recommendations you may have to improve your online experience.

As a Hyperflite retailer, once you login, your discounted pricing will be displayed. Please note, your full discount also applies to caps, books, dvds, and stickers. We also are able to offer a small discount on Skyhoundz T-Shirts and bags.

The default display of products is "Discs-Full Size." To see products in another category, click on "No Category Filter" and choose the category, then click the "Search" button.

To place an order for an item, put the amount you want of that item in the "Quantity" field, then click "Add to Cart." When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "View Cart/Check Out." You can add or remove items in the cart before you complete your order.

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