Canine Disc FAQs

Which Hyperflite discs are best for really long throws?

All Hyperflite discs, with their aerodynamic profiles and opposed grip surfaces, can be thrown long distances.

As a general rule, a heavier disc (that has the same profile as a lighter disc) can be thrown farther by an experienced thrower than a lighter-weight disc. However, since you will want your dog to catch your throw, he or she must be able to chase down the disc, throttle down, and make a grab.

For this reason, slower canines will do better with lighter weight discs like the Competition Standard, and Competition Standard Pup while faster dogs can go long with heavier discs like the Jawz or Jawz Pup disc.

Click here to watch a video of Hyperflite Co-founder, Peter Bloeme, as he establishes a light-plastic canine disc world record with a Hyperflite Competition Standard disc.

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