General FAQs

Where can I buy a disc-catching dog?

We like to say that, with patience and lots of positive reinforcement, any healthy canine can be taught to catch a flying disc.

Over the years, we’ve seen it all — from Poodles to Pit Bulls and every size, shape, and disposition in between. Some dogs are easier to teach than others, of course.

Some trainers appreciate the natural tendencies of retrieving breeds such as the Labrador, Golden, or Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. Others prefer the herding breeds including the Border Collie, Australian Shepard, or Australian Cattle Dog.

About half of the dogs that you see in a typical competition are mixed-breed canines, many of which were adopted from local animal shelters. Many more are purebred canines rescued from shelters by disc dog enthusiasts who believe, as we do, that shelter and rescue canines make great disc dogs and wonderful pets.

Jeff Perry, Co-founder of Hyperflite, won the World Championship in 1989 with his mixed-breed canine Gilbert, an animal shelter adoptee.

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