Competition FAQs

What competitive events make up the World Championship?

The Skyhoundz World Championship now includes:

  • DiscDogathon World Championship (Bullseye, Bullseye (MicroDog), Freestyle, Freestyle (MicroDog), Pairs Distance/Accuracy, Pairs Distance/Accuracy (MicroDog), Spot Landing, Spot Landing (MicroDog), TimeTrial, and TimeTrial (MicroDog).
  • Skyhoundz Classic World Championship (including Open, Open MicroDog, Open Youth, Sport, Sport MicroDog, and Pairs Freestyle Divisions)
  • Xtreme Distance World Championship (MicroDog, Light Plastic, Classic Plastic, and Unlimited Plastic) in Men’s and Women’s Classes.

Twenty-Four World Championship titles are on the line.

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