Skyhoundz Rules Updates

Please note, the following rules take effect immediately (unless specified differently) and additional rule changes may occur during the 2020 season. Be sure and check the Skyhoundz website before attending your next competition as there is no way for us to notify all competitors personally of rule changes.

Any competitor who qualified before the new rules went into effect will be grandfathered in (maintain their 2020 World’s Qualifiacation) and will only be subject to adhearing to the new rules in future competitions.


Skyhoundz Rule Changes for the 2020 Competition Season

Qualifier Spots:

At Skyhoundz Qualifiers (Skyhoundz Classic or DiscDogathon), pairs events (e.g., Pairs Freestyle or Pairs Distance/Accuracy) will no longer be counted for purposes of the “two world championship invitation limitation per Qualifier” rule. In other words, a competitor who has earned two World Championship invitations at a particular Skyhoundz Classic or DiscDogathon Qualifier, may also qualify in Pairs Freestyle or Pairs D/A as applicable.

Pairs Distance/Accuracy Tie-Breaker:

If there is a tie for first, second, or third place, the tie will be broken by the following criteria, as necessary: 1) The team with the fewest throws, 2) A Face-off round where each member of the tied Paris D/A team(s) will make one throw (two throws total). The highest combined score for the tied teams will determine the champion. This Face-off will be repeated until one team receives a higher score than the other(s). Officials will permit the competitors to rest their dogs as necessary.

Language Update:

No props of any kind, including capes, vests, or other adornments (other than simple/basic bandanas, collars, or harnesses) worn by canines, are permitted in competition.

In addition, other than the discs permitted for the particular competitive event, toys (including but not limited to tug toys, balls, chew toys, rawhide bones, towels, etc.) are not permitted on the competition field during competition. Towels are only permitted on the field, to clean discs or a thrower’s hands, but may not be used during competition as tug toys/lures or otherwise waived in the air to coax or encourage a competing canine.