9/16/19-9/18/19 | DiscDogathon / Xtreme Distance | Camp Jordan

9/21/19-9/22/19 | Skyhoundz Classic | Coolidge Park


Until the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship!

News and Features

Biographies of Hyperflite’s Founders / Peter Bloeme & Jeff Perry

Peter Bloeme Hyperflite co-founder, Peter Bloeme is director of the Skyhoundz Championships. In this role, he manages more than 100 Local Championships, 18 U.S. and International Qualifiers, a European Championship, and the World Championship. Bloeme’s career of tossing, skipping, bouncing, spinning, and twirling a plastic disc began when he finished third overall and first in…
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The Story Behind X-Flash Anti-Glare Technology

The latest Hyperflite innovation, known as X-Flash™ technology, was the product of several years of hard work and experimentation. But, it might not have happened at all were it not for a happy coincidence. In essence, the discovery of the “sunflash” phenomenon (more about that later), which ultimately resulted in the development of X-Flash™ technology,…
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Top 10 Myths About Canine Disc Sports

Myth 1: Food treats are the only way to teach a dog to play with the disc. Truth: Food treats are almost never used to teach a canine to catch and retrieve a flying disc. The only reward your dog will need…is another throw from you! Myth 2: Flying discs are expensive and don’t last long. Truth: In the…
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Tip Drill: Why Can’t My Canine Catch? — by Jeff Perry

“Butterlips,” “The Drops,” “In-and-Out Syndrome,” “Brick Jaws,” “Rejectus Mouthus,” whatever you may call it, missed discs are the scourge of disc dog enthusiasts. For many disc doggers, the onset of “The Drops” is gradual, while for others, it may seem to happen overnight. Most canine disc enthusiasts experience it at some point in the lives…
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There’s a Storm Brewing—Break out the Thundershirts!

What in heck is a Thundershirt? No, it’s not the preferred garment of the latest cinema superhero, or a body builder’s lifting uniform. What it is might surprise you…especially if you have a dog that is terrified of thunderstorms, fireworks, and other loud noises. In fact, if the Thundershirt performs as advertised, it might just…
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Surviving the Big Chill — by Jeff Perry

Now is the winter of our discontent — surely Shakespeare must have been a disc dogger. The approach of cold weather is a sad thing indeed for those who desire to bond with their canines via a well-thrown flying disc. You may think that it’s pretty much the same with all disc sports, but disc…
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For Dog’s Sake, Don’t Use the F-word!

Think your dog is a great Frisbee catcher? There is only a small chance that you are right…and it has nothing to do with his catching ability. Look down at that flying disc that Fido has in his mouth. You may call it a Frisbee, but, more likely than not, it isn’t. If it says…
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Finding the Perfect Disc Dog

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. Getting started in canine disc sports means finding the perfect dog. If you already have a dog, then congratulations are in order. Your family pet is a perfect companion for canine disc play. That may seem like…
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Dog Flew Pandemic Sweeping the Globe

Dog owners around the world are experiencing a global Pawdemic and it’s called the Dog Flew. No canine is immune from infection with this bug. Symptoms of the Dog Flew include, a pronounced ability to fly (caninus aerialis); a crazed look of delight (discus berzerkus); a lack of interest in normal canine toys (plasticus exclusivus);…
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Disc Dogging! America’s New National Pastime

A national pastime is a sport or game that is considered to be an intrinsic part of the culture of a nation — so says that vast storehouse of collective knowledge called Wikipedia. Almost every country has a national pastime even if they don’t always officially declare one. Not surprisingly, in Norway, where there’s snow aplenty, the…
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Press Releases

2009 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship

The ’09 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship weekend got underway on Thursday evening at the Chattanooga Choo Choo as a horde of competitors arrived at the mixer sponsored and hosted by Hooked on Dogs. Our special thanks to Nadja and Kara for their hard work in preparing for the event! Attendees were in great…
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Vote for Maty!

Maty, the amazing three-legged wonder dog, belonging to Troy Kerstetter and Lynne Ouchida, of Bend, Oregon, is coming to a theater near you… that is, if you vote for her! The two-time Skyhoundz World Finalist, and animal shelter spokescanine from Bend, Oregon is lobbying for a role in a movie called Lucky and Rich. If…
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Kathy Miller — In Memory

On Saturday, January 31, 2009, a ceremony was held in La Mirada, California, to honor and remember Kathy Miller, who passed away recently. Many disc doggers knew Kathy well. Her husband Mike recently sent some photos of Kathy, to us, and we created a short video slide presentation for our extended disc dog family. Hopefully,…
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2008 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship

Each year, we strive to make the Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship better than the year before. We faced some additional challenges this year with a weakening economy, two hurricanes, high gas prices, gas shortages, and a new host city. But despite these hurdles, our wonderful community came together just as we always do,…
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Hyperflite Announces Publication of Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide

Hyperflite, Inc., maker of state-of-the-art competition-approved canine flying discs, announces the release of Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide, the most informative canine disc training treatise ever published. This entertaining and masterfully-written 358-page paperback book comes alive with more than 500 color photos and illustrations. For more than two decades, authors Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry,…
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2007 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship

First, let me apologize for getting this post to the list a tad later than normal. I’ve had my hands full the past few days with a very small, but needy, matter of great importance. This will be a long post so grab a “cactus cooler” before you start reading. This morning I performed the…
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2007 Skyhoundz Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to Ray Lowman Presentation Address given by Jeff Perry Skyhoundz Award Banquet September 22, 2007 Some people become involved in canine disc sports deliberately while others join the sport quite by accident. One such happy accident has been a blessing for canine disc aficionados in the Eastern U.S. The accident was the impetus for…
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Hyperflite Weighs in on Breed Bans

Hyperflite, Inc., manufacturer of the world’s toughest canine competition flying discs for dogs, stands with pet owners in opposition to breed bans applied by state and municipal governments against particular canine breeds. In recent years, attacks by canines on humans have received increased media coverage. A few of these high-profile cases have involved canines that…
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2006 World Championship

Words are simply not adequate to describe the drama and excitement of the 2006 Hyperflite Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship. But since words are all I have, I will get right to it. For 72 hours in Atlanta, disc dogs most definitely ruled. Our thanks go out to the many volunteers who helped make the…
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2006 Disc Dog Season

Hyperflite kicks off the 2006 disc dog season with a full slate of contests including local events in many of the 50 states, seven U.S. regional qualifiers, the DiscDogathon series and finally, the World Championship, held in Atlanta, Georgia this September. In international news, Skyhoundz Qualifiers will be held in Belgium and the Netherlands this…
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Hyperflite Announces the Jawz X-Comp

Hyperflite, Inc., maker of patented competition-approved canine flying discs, announces the release of Jawz “X-Comp,” a puncture-resistant flying disc with a slightly less flexible but equally-tough polymer formulation that allows competitors to readily make non-aerodynamic throws including butterflies, kick throws, skips, brushes, etc., with more consistency than previously possible with standard Jawz discs. Competitors will…
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Miracle Dog

Photo (left to right): Greg Perry, Randy Grim, Jeff Perry and Peter Bloeme. Randy is the author of Miracle Dog and was the special guest speaker at the Hyperflite Skyhoundz Awards Banquet. Miracle Dog is the story of how Randy’s dog Quentin survived the gas chamber and who now speaks for animals on death row.…
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Disc Color Choice for Canine Disc Play

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. Canines were once thought to be color blind, that is, that they could see only black and white and shades of gray. Canine eyes, like human eyes, contain within their retinas, certain light sensitive cells called cones…
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Chew on This! Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior Can be Ancient History

by Jeff Perry Most dogs, and especially athletic canines like border collies, Australian shepherds, labs and cattle dogs, require vigorous exercise. Shortchange an energetic canine in the exercise department and you just might bid farewell to anything from sheetrock to sofas. Being highly intelligent creatures, dogs have a knack for “communicating” to you via your…
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A Primer on Skyhoundz Judging Criteria

by Jeff Perry To gain insight into the manner in which Skyhoundz judges evaluate freestyle performances at Skyhoundz Regional and World Championship events it is useful to first review the Skyhoundz Guidelines. These Guidelines set forth the core standards or “framework” that Skyhoundz judges employ to score freestyle routines and consequently compare and contrast the…
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Tame the Wind and Become a Disc Dog God

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. As you begin to participate in disc sports with your canine, you will undoubtedly experience conditions in which the wind appears to change direction and velocity with rabidity and in seemingly unpredictable ways. Whether you are practicing, performing or…
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Jumping Jehosaphats: Teaching a Dog to Jump for a Flying Disc

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. Many veterinarians recommend that you don’t encourage your canine to jump until it is between 12 and 18 months of age. However, we all know that most canines will jump whether we like it or not. In fact, if…
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Finding the Perfect Venue for Fun!

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. In a number of major cities in the United States and elsewhere in the world, our four-legged friends are caninus non gratis in parks and public green spaces. However, even in the most inhospitable environs it is possible to…
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Finding the Perfect Dog for Canine Disc Play

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. Getting started in canine disc sports means finding the perfect dog. If you already have a dog, then congratulations are in order. Your family pet is a perfect companion for canine disc play. That may seem like a surprising…
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Canine Disc Sports Injuries: Ouch That Smarts!

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. When you use common sense, canine disc play is exceedingly safe. Injuries of any kind are rare. When they do occur it is usually because of a mistake that we humans make. Bad throws cause canines to run into…
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Canine Disc Play – Make Great Throws or Your Dog Might Bite You!

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. Canine disc sports are a team effort. Although the focus is frequently on the canine, in order for your canine to shine on the playing field or at your local park, you must throw smoothly and accurately in a…
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Canine Disc History

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. No one actually knows the identity of the first person to throw a disc to a canine, but the credit for first popularizing this activity must go to Alex Stein, owner and trainer of the legendary three-time world canine…
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Canine Disc Competition: It’s All About the Dog!

An excerpt from Disc Dogs! The Complete Guide by Peter Bloeme and Jeff Perry, Co-founders of Hyperflite, Inc. Polls have shown that the primary reason that people participate in canine disc competitions is because their dogs love it. Sometimes we lose sight of that simple fact as we become more experienced and more active on the competition…
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