Canine Disc FAQs

Will my dog’s teeth get worn down from catching the flying disc?

Our decades of experience in this sport have shown us that it is not the flying disc itself that causes tooth wear, but rather, dirt and grit that can act like revolving sandpaper on canine teeth.

Hyperflite addressed this issue with the design of the K-10 (Competition Standard, FrostBite, Jawz, Midnight Sun, and SofFlite discs). Rather than employ grip surfaces with deep, continuous grooves that retain dirt and grit, like most canine discs, all Hyperflite K-10 discs (standard size and Pup size) feature ultra-low profile, staggered grip surfaces that do not easily retain abrasive substances like dirt and grit. Unlike other discs, Hyperflite K-10 discs are easy to clean with a quick rinse off or wipe down with a towel.

Interestingly, the toys that cause the most significant tooth wear in canines are fabric discs and tennis balls. These toys retain dirt and grit in their fibers and when canines chew on them, they can wear down their teeth dramatically. Consequently, we don’t recommend that tennis balls or fabric discs be used outdoors where they can become laden with abrasive particles.

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