General FAQs

What do competitors win? Do you give away prize money for winning a Skyhoundz competition?

Although disc dog series, over the years, have occasionally offered prize money to teams who win their contest series, the Skyhoundz Series will never do so.

Our philosophy is, and always has been, that monetary prizes do not promote an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie that is essential to the enjoyment of this sport by participants, and, more importantly, the well-being of competing canines.

We believe strongly that when money enters into the equation, competitors may be tempted to act in a manner that is not always in the best interests of their canines.

At each Skyhoundz event, top competitors compete only for award medals, plaques, and such, that serve to commemorate their achievements on the field of competition.

Most significantly, everyone who competes in a Skyhoundz competition has a wonderful opportunity to have fun in the park with their eager canine companions and with other like-minded disc dog enthusiasts.

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