Z-Disc Fang-X Ugly Disc


The Z-Disc® Fang-X disc™ features a more rigid polymer formulation than the standard Fang disc that enables competitors to predictably make counter-aerodynamic throws including butterfly tosses, skips, kick deliveries, and brushes. The Fang-X disc is also well suited for ultra-long throws. The Fang-X disc is approximately 90% as puncture resistant as a standard Fang disc.

Although the Fang-X disc is remarkably tough in normal canine play, it is not intended to be used as a chew toy and Fang-X discs do not float in water.

Fang-X Ugly discs qualify for “ugly” status when they fail to meet Hyperflite’s rigorous quality assurance standards, meaning they may have imperfect hot-stamping logos or various and sundry internal flaws, different colors, minor surface blemishes/rippling, or discoloration that render them unsuitable for retail sale. While supplies last.

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Z-Disc Fang-X Ugly Disc

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Colors Fluorescent Orange
Size 9.25″
Weight 155 grams


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Z-Fang-X Disc (Top View)

Z-Disc Fang-X Ugly Disc

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