9/16/19-9/18/19 | DiscDogathon / Xtreme Distance | Camp Jordan

9/21/19-9/22/19 | Skyhoundz Classic | Coolidge Park


Until the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship!

Skyhoundz Competitions

The list below includes all current Skyhoundz competitions including: Local Championships, State Championships, DiscDogathon Qualifiers, DiscDogathon World Championship, Skyhoundz Classic Qualifiers, Skyhoundz Classic World Championship, Xtreme Distance Qualifiers, and Xtreme Distance World Championship.

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Updated on 1/16/19

The time listed for each event is the scheduled start time of the event. Please make arrangements to arrive before that time for any set-up, registration, or warm up that you may require.

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"*" before the contact name means we have received results from the Qualifier, "R" before the contact name means that we have requested results from the Qualifier