9/19/18 | DiscDogathon / Xtreme Distance | Camp Jordan

9/22/18-9/23/18 | Skyhoundz Classic | Coolidge Park

Until the 2018 Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championships!


Rule Updates

Please note, the following rules take effect immediately (unless specified differently) and additional rule changes may occur during the 2017 season. Be sure and check the Skyhoundz website before attending your next competition as there is no way for us to notify all competitors personally of rule changes.

Any competitor who qualified before the new rules went into effect will be grandfathered in (maintain their 2017 World’s Qualifiacation) and will only be subject to adhearing to the new rules in future competitions.


No food treats are permitted to be given to dogs while on the competition field. This will prevent dropped or uneaten treats from remaining on the field and distracting competing canines.

DiscDogathon & Skyhoundz Classic

Freestyle Timing

Freestyle rounds are a maximum of 90 seconds in duration, with a minimum of 60 seconds timed human/canine/disc interaction necessary to be scored in any Skyhoundz competition (Classic, DiscDogathon, Locals, etc.).

Freestyle teams should not enter the field until the judges are ready and are advised by the announcer to take the field. This will allow the previous team to leash the competing canine, collect discs, and depart the competition field, as well as allow judges to complete the scoring process for that team.

Freestyle teams "on-deck" and "in-the-hole” will queue up in the location specified by the competition host and will enter the competition field from the specified location determined by the competition host.

Once the team (human[s] and dog must enter at the same time) enters the field they will have 20 seconds in which to begin their routine or time will begin automatically.

Timing begins when a disc is placed in flight; or the canine attempts to catch or pick-up a disc placed on the ground and makes contact with the disc; or takes the disc from any part of a thrower's or canine's body; or 20 seconds have elapsed, whichever occurs first.

Throwers may use their 20 seconds to set discs out on the field, position a canine for their first throw, or do a pre-routine. Until time begins, any interaction between human and canine will not be judged or scored.

Once the Freestyle team's time has expired, no further throws should be made, and the team should leash the canine team member, rapidly collect their discs, and leave the field via the specified pathway or point of egress determined by the competition host. For safety, competitors are not permitted to throw discs to spectators during, or after, a competitive round.

Countdown of time remaining will be uniform for all competitors: 60 seconds remaining, 30 seconds remaining, 10 seconds remaining, and time! Competitors should keep track of their own time while competing and not rely solely on official time callouts which might be interrupted should technical problems occur.


Competitors who bring their own music should present it to contest officials when called to the on-deck area. Music should be on a CD that is marked with the competitor’s name and desired track number. This information should also be noted on the outside of the CD case. Some competition hosts will also accept music on phones, tablets, and thumb drives. Check with the competition host in advance to avoid disappointment. The sound system operator should briefly test the music (to make sure it plays Ok and is the correct song) while the judges are scoring the last dog.

Competitors, in the on-deck area, should let the sound system operator know when to start playing the music. A team can choose for music to commence as the team enters the field, or when a signal is given by the team while on the field, in the discretion of the competing team. However, once 20 seconds have elapsed from the time in which the competitor enters the field, music and timing will begin automatically.

Xtreme Distance

Glory throws have been eliminated. All competitors will receive one 90 second round to complete their longest throw and catch.

There will be a maximum warm up time of 10 minutes before each Division begins: MicroDog Division, Light Plastic Division, Classic Plastic Division, and Unlimited Plastic Division).