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Skyhoundz Competition Titling FAQs

Skyhoundz Keepsake JacketThe Basic and Advanced level titles look a bit too easy for my skill level. Do I have to progress through the various titling levels or can I start at the Expert or Elite level?
Skyhoundz Titling is designed to encourage participation at all skill levels. While a Basic title may seem easily attainable to an experienced disc dogger, beginners in the sport may find basic level Skyhoundz Competition Titles to be quite challenging. In any event, progression through the levels of difficulty is not required and you may skip to Advanced, Expert, or even Elite titling levels at your discretion.
I've tried titling in other canine disciplines and found the experience to be quite expensive. Do I have to register each dog that I intend to title and, if so, are there membership, registration, titling and testing fees that I must pay?
Inside of Skyhoundz Keepsake JacketUnlike sport dog titling, canine obedience titling and other dog titling discliplines, Skyhoundz Competition-titled canines do not have to be registered and you do not have to be a member of any organization to participate. Because most Skyhoundz competitions (Skyhoundz Local Championships) are free to participants, you don't have to spend a penny to attempt to earn Skyhoundz Competition (SC) titles. If your scores at a Skyhoundz competition qualify your canine for a title, then you can choose to have the title officially recorded through Skyhoundz in which case, you pay a modest titling fee of $25.95 which includes a frameable title certificate in a keepsake jacket mailed to you or you can opt for a 9" X 12" Title plaque) for only $35.95. Titling Fees include U.S. shipping (Contact us for international shipping charges.). In addition, Skyhoundz will add your name to the Skyhoundz Competition Titling Registry here. There are no membership charges, dues, or other fees associated with Skyhoundz Competition Titling.
Skyhoundz Competition Title CertificateWhy do you offer so many different titles?
The Skyhoundz Series is the largest disc dog series in the world offering competition opportunities in a variety of exciting events. Skyhoundz Competition Titles reflect the wide array of competitive opportunities available in all Skyhoundz disciplines at all levels of competition.
Can someone else earn a title with my dog or is titling limited solely to the dog's owner?
Many of the skills required for success in Skyhoundz Competition Titling are as dependent upon the performance of the human part of the equation as they are of the canine. Skyhoundz also recognizes that families may want to get in on the action as well. Accordingly, Skyhoundz Competition Titles may be earned by the same human with different canines or the same canine with different humans. In the end, it's all about fun for our four-legged friends.
Are mutts eligible for titles or do canines have to be AKC registered, etc.?
Skyhoundz Competition Title PlaqueAt Skyhoundz, we have a special place in our hearts for all canines regardless of pedigree. Mutts have always been able to participate on equal footing with their purebred brethren in Skyhoundz canine disc competitions — and that tradition will continue with Skyhoundz Competition Titling.
There is no Skyhoundz competition near me. Is there any other way to earn a Skyhoundz title?
Skyhoundz recognizes that despite the large number of canine disc competitions in the Skyhoundz Series, many enthusiasts are unable to attend Skyhoundz disc dog competitions for one reason or another. Accordingly, beginning in 2012, Skyhoundz will offer Disc Dog Skills Titles to supplement the Competition Titles that may be earned at Skyhoundz canine disc competitions. Skyhoundz Disc Dog Skills Titles will be available beginning no later than January 1, 2012, and will be administered by Skyhoundz Disc Dog Skills Examiners who are, themselves, titled through the Skyhoundz Canine Disc Titling program. Click here for more information.
What happens to the titling fees that I pay for the Skyhoundz Titling Program?
All proceeds from the Skyhoundz titling program support the Skyhoundz Canine Disc Championship Series, thereby ensuring that a new generation of canine disc enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the world's favorite canine sport.
I really enjoyed competing for trophies and medals at Skyhoundz events. Can I still do that even if I don't want to do the titling thing?
The Skyhoundz Competition Titling Program is intended to supplement the existing Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Competition Series which will continue to function just as it always has. If titling isn't your thing, don't worry, because what you already love about the Skyhoundz Series will remain unchanged.