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SC Title Application

Once you have received a qualifying score, simply type in the information on this page, print it out and send it, along with a copy of your scoresheet, to the address shown on the bottom of the page.

You will be charged a flat $6 shipping and handling fee per order regardless of number of certificates and/or plaques ordered.

Number of Title Certificates @ $12.98 each

Number of Title Plaques @ $17.98 each

First Name

Last Name




Zip Code

Area Code/Telephone

Email Address

Credit Card Number

Credit Card Expiration Date

Credit Card CVS or CVV Code



Print out the page and mail it to us at:


660 Hembree Pkwy, Ste 110

Roswell, GA 30076


Please Note: We must receive a copy of your scoresheet for your title to be validated.